Moore3 Corporation is a full service Construction Company, providing all your General Contractor needs for Residential and Commercial Construction Jobs.

We specialize in insurance replacement and will inspect your roof at no charge.

If we determine that your roof is damaged the next step is call your insurance company and file a claim. Once you file the claim an insurance adjuster will notify you to schedule an appointment to inspect your property. Your adjuster (works for the insurance company) will inspect your roof and determine whether the damage warrants replacement. We are present at this inspection and point out the damage to the adjuster. Having someone present who is trained in storm damage and roof replacement insures that your interest is protected. You then receive a detailed outline of the work to be done along with a check from your insurance company.

Our expert crews install your new roof quickly. Once work has started your home will have a professionally installed roof in one to two days.

We are paid the exact insurance proceeds only.