Roofing is not the most glorious aspect of home renovation. However, it may be the most important. Without a sound and solid roofing system, not much below it matters. Keep in mind, you might not think your new roof will stand out, but your home will have a clean, new look that people will notice. Unfortunately, there is no mistaking a home that needs a roofing replacement!

Signs That Your Roof Needs to be Replaced:

Exterior Signs

Damaged Shingles from hale storm

Shingles are curling, broken, or missing

Excess amount of debris or loose roofing granules causing drainage to be blocked

Shingles are rotted, accumulating algae or moss

Interior Signs

Ceiling has cracked paint, discoloration, rotting, leaks, or peeling in the wallpaper.

These are all signs of an aged or improperly installed roof, which causes drainage, higher energy bills, and will also lessen the market value of your home.